5 Mistakes Vegetarian Newbies Make

The trend of going plant-based seems to only grow with time. Many people consider it a whim of the spoiled Millenials but there are serious causes to support it. There were always people who have certain religious or moral principles to be friendly to everything that is alive. But there’s something more, and this concerns everybody.

The meat-producing industry is among the most dangerous sources of environmental waste. Animals kept together in large numbers produce lots of feces that release a great amount of gas that contributes to climate change. We have no “planet B”, they say, this is why the idea of a reduction in demand on meat products is definitely worth thinking of. To go fully vegetarian, you must be ready and prepared.


Top Mistakes of the Beginning Vegetarians

The discussions about the pros and cons of a vegetarian diet don’t stop. Where to seek the truth and how to reduce the risks? The only answer is to listen to your body. To see if this diet will work for you, you should visit a physician, a family dentist, and take blood tests more often than usual. Doctors will help you correct your diet if something goes wrong.

Now we’ll observe the most common mistakes for the beginners in vegetarianism. If you feel weak or depressed, this may mean that you weren’t properly prepared mentally and physically. Read the list carefully.

Sudden rejection of any meat products

It’s a shock to your body. Do it slowly. The first week replace meat with fish, the next - with eggs and dairy. You can have fast vegan or raw days twice a week. Remove the meat gradually, and together with it, it’s also a good idea to remove any unhealthy food to feel better.


Not eating meat is not enough

You may read about the enlightenment and light feeling in your body but don’t even hope for it if your entire diet is poor. Only a balanced and varied diet can make you feel good. You will have to get acquainted with new products and learn how to cook them.


You can gain weight on a vegetarian diet

Being used to feel satiated by meat, your body will demand a replacement. And you may want to feed it with more bread, potatoes, fat dairy… A gain in weight shouldn’t be a surprise for you then. What to do if you feel constantly hungry and irritated? Eat some legumes, whole grains, and fermented dairy - they will keep you satiated without gaining extra weight.


Not figuring out the necessary nutrients

If you go vegan, raw or fruitarianism, you may need to consult the doctor about the necessary add-ons to keep your body healthy. But if you aren’t into such extremes, you can adjust your vegetarian diet to your needs. Vitamins B12 and D are contained in seaweed, calcium - in bananas and oranges, amino acid - in raw greens and they are digested from them much easier than from meat. Iron isn’t digested very well from plants but the extra vitamin C add-ons will solve this problem.


Remember - your feelings are the most important marker. If you don’t feel well, maybe you should expand the specter of the food you eat. There are plenty of ways to be vegetarian without harming your health. You may still consume eggs and dairy, or even fish. There are even such things as flexitarianism that allows you eating meat a couple of times a month. You won’t do any better to the world around you by being ill and feeling bad.

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