Endometriosis and in Vitro Fertilization

Endometriosis is the disease that leads to infertility. It is a pathological state of a female organism when there is an abnormal growth of endometrium tissue outside the uterus. The exact causes of its appearance have not been established yet, but there is a correlation with the hormonal imbalance in a woman’s body.

The fact that endometriosis is the cause of infertility in half the cases, makes many women think of the in vitro fertilization. But things are not that simple in this case. It depends very much on the state and degree of the disease developed.


To answer the questions about the options of in vitro fertilization with endometriosis, a thorough diagnostic is required. If the endometriosis degree is not significant, there are still possibilities of natural fertilization. In this case, a special treatment strategy is appointed. Its aim is to reduce the symptoms of the disease and the hotbeds. After the therapy doctors give a couple a year for the attempts to fertilize naturally.

Also, the tube passability is important. If the diagnostic gives a positive result, the insemination by the partner’s sperm can help achieve the successful fertilization. Such measures are successful in almost half the cases.

The age of the patient is also important. Any attempts to fertilize in a natural way are possible with the patients younger than 35. If the patient is older, the in vitro fertilization is appointed after the hormonal treatment and laparoscopy. Of course, it performs after a number of diagnostics and analyses and a consultation with the endometriosis specialist nyc.

If the degree of the endometriosis development is significant, there is still a possibility of the in vitro fertilization. The difference is in the fertilization strategy. When there is the slightest chance of the natural fertilization, even with the medical help, it must be tried. If the endometriosis has been developed much, the decision about in vitro fertilization is taken at once. Still, a patient requires certain preparations depending on her individual case.

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