How Long Does a Vampire Facial Treatment Last?

A vampire facial is an aesthetic treatment in which a physician draws blood from your arm or any other part of the body and then passes it through a centrifuge machine to separate the liquids. The platelet-rich plasma is then re-injected back. The platelet-rich plasma contains growth factors and other important microelements that help the skin to rejuvenate properly.

There are basically two ways through which the platelets can be re-injected or reapplied back to the body. The first one is using a standard needle to inject the platelets into the affected areas, and the other option is the use of micro-needling. In micro needling, after the skin is punctured severely using a dermal roller or a dermapen, the platelets are applied topically where they are absorbed into the skin through diffusion.


Applying platelets through micro-needling is better than the use of standard needle because it also helps to break and correct acne scarring. It also promotes the growth of healthier keratinocytes. Vampire facial treatments do nothing more than taking back the age of your skin some few years back, and the aging process starts again.

Effective results are obtained after having about three treatments which are spaced one month apart. After this, vampire facial treatments are recommended to be taken at intervals of approximately one year because they are not permanent. The breakdown of platelets starts after reinjection. However, the longevity of the vampire facial is attributed to the growth factors in the solution.

How vampire facial treatment works:

Vampire facial works best when used with micro-needling. The micro-needling punctures on the skin trick the body that it’s severely injured and all the tissue repairing compounds and elements are set to the site. When these are combined with the platelet-rich plasma, the healing process is fastened, and the body regenerates in a natural way.


Who are the best candidates for vampire facial?

This beauty enhancement procedure is autologous, and thus it uses components of own blood. There are no foreign substances used. The procedure is basically safe for everyone unless in cases of medical conditions like for those people with blood-related ailments and cancer. However, in cases of doubt, please consult with your doctor to determine whether you are a candidate for vampire facial.


Unique features of a vampire facial treatment:

  • There are no unique substances injected into the body apart from the components of your blood
  • It helps the skin care products to work effectively as the skin functionality is also increased
  • It’s fairly natural with minimal downtime and can last for up to a year
  • A standard needle or micro-needling can be used to reapply the platelet-rich plasma to the body
  • Vampire facial is also an effective treatment of acne and melasma
  • There is minimal downtime
  • There are almost zero risks of allergic reactions

Undesirable features of vampire facial treatment

  • Just like any other treatment that involves interaction with blood, there are risks of getting infections though they are minimal
  • The process is definitely not painless, and inflammations can easily appear
  • A series of treatments are required although some people survive with only one treatment even for a start.

Wrap up on the longevity of vampire facial:

Vampire facial or PRP injection treatment is an aesthetic procedure that involves drawing blood from a patient and separating the blood to get the platelet-rich plasma. The solution is reapplied back to the skin by use of either micro needling or standard needles. Basically, no foreign substance is injected back into the skin.


As such, the process just renews the cells as they start aging in again. For effective results, the first treatment should comprise of three sessions which are spaced one month apart and then from there one treatment after every year. In conclusion, the longevity of the vampire facial can be said to be approximately one year.

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