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A successful life is a well-planned life. Adults understand the importance of contraception and the dangers unwanted pregnancy can bring into their life’s plans. Today there are multiple means of pregnancy prevention available and every couple can find something suitable for their individual needs. To make the best choice, consult your gyn nyc to see what will work best for you.


Among the most popular, convenient and effective methods is the intrauterine device (or IUD). This device is inserted into the uterine cavity and makes an obstacle on the spermatozoids’ way to the egg. It prevents fertilization and the planting of an egg on the uterine wall.

The intrauterine devices comes in different shapes and sizes, made of different materials, sometimes even with silver and gold. They can serve not only as a contraceptive, but also as a treatment. The special devices are used to treat hormonal diseases.


How does the intrauterine device actually work? Its works in several different way, outlined below:

  1. It makes creates a mechanical obstacle for the egg to plant on the uterine wall. The uterine endometrium reacts on its presence and does not get thick enough to accept the egg. Even if the egg is fertilized, this leads to its abortion at the earliest stage.
  2. The device is a foreign body that causes a local immune reaction. It can be called a non-infectious inflammation. The alkaline medium becomes acidic and destroys the spermatozoids.
  3. This artificially created inflammation boosts the production of certain proteins that oppress the process of the egg development and interfere with the ovulation process.
  4. The immune reaction also causes the thickening of the mucus that hold the spermatozoids on their way from the cervix to the egg. The muscles also react – they constrict faster and move the egg ahead before the endometrium is ready to accept it.
  5. If the device contains gold or silver, it has the additional spermicide qualities.
  6. If the device is made for the hormonal treatment, it releases small portions of gestagen (progesterone hormone). It is a pregnancy hormone that ruins the eggs for they are not needed anymore.

As you can see now, the intrauterine device is a smart thing tricking our body on different levels. Still, its application requires medical consultation, because there can be different conditions which may not be compatible with the device. 

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