Why Does Laser Teeth Whitening Cost So Much?

Our smile is one of the first thing that creates an impression on other people. Of course, all of us want to create a good one. If your teeth look healthy, well kept and groomed, it gives you a feeling of confidence and attracts other people. That is why it’s not just the overall health of our teeth that’s important, but their aesthetic qualities as well. And in order to achieve good aesthetic teeth qualities, proper oral care is essential.

Unfortunately, sometimes regular oral hygiene does not prevent your dental enamel from darkening. Cigarettes, coffee, brightly colored food – everything you consume leaves traces on our teeth . Fortunately, modern dentistry provides a wide range of teeth whitening services. There are numerous techniques making it possible. Which one to choose?


Among the many options, laser teeth whitening is the most expensive one. Nevertheless, it has a reputation of being the most effective choice, among them all. What is so special about it? Let us examine what makes it a better option when compared to the other methods.

  1. It does not take much of your time. The procedure takes an hour, and you don’t need to do anything at home like you do with whitening mouth guards.
  2. This technique of whitening is easier on your enamel. The active elements are released oxygen atoms, which are completely harmless. The laser ray is a catalyzer of the reaction between a whitening gel and oxygen.
  3. The procedure is very effective even against very dark colored teeth. One treatment is enough to give you snow-white teeth regardless of their original color. It can cope even with the whitening of small fissures on your enamel.
  4. Although your teeth will be white, the look of the color will be natural and it will not make the impression of prosthetic teeth in your mouth.
  5. The results will last a long time. It is because laser whitening reaches deep into the enamel and touches the upper layers of the dentin. The other whitening techniques work only with the upper layer of the enamel this is why their effect is not long lasting.

Now you can see that the advantages of laser whitening are worth the money it costs. It gives you the benefits that others are not able to give. Of course, your ability to pay matters and there are more affordable techniques. Consult your dentist and chose the best option that works for you. 

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